Forgetful Freida Freaks Freqently

Since becoming a momma I’ve noticed I forget a lot more things. A lot of important things. A lot of “don’t ever forget this” type of things. I forget.

I forget important things like the necessity of brushing your teeth twice a day. I used to claim “new mommy brain” and exhaustion as the reason I would fall into bed at night, exhausted and my last conscious thought was “Did I even brush my teeth today?” My next thought was always, “Who cares?!”

Yes, I refused to get up out of bed to make sure because then I would be wide awake again and who needs that when you have a young earthling who likes to eat every 2 hours around the clock?

Not me.

Now I don’t often forget to brush my teeth anymore. There are some days though….

No, I’ve moved on to other things to forget. Like deodorant. Yeah, that one little thing we all need and no one wants to talk about.

The other day I chanted to myself “don’t forget deodorant” repeatedly, only to later be driving down a main street to get my girlies when I realized it hadn’t worked.

I had forgotten. No sweat (pun intended) I just happen to have had this happen enough times I now keep deodorant in the glove compartment of my van.

I leaned over and opened my glove compartment and promptly shut it. I was not going to lean across the entire van to get the deodorant. Then I realized the deodorant was not across the glove compartment, so I opened it again, grabbed the coveted necessity, pried the lid off and

watched the deodorant fall on the floor.

Apparently it’s time to get new deodorant to keep in the van. But at least my van smells good.


2 thoughts on “Forgetful Freida Freaks Freqently

  1. Hallo an euch alle, ich bin auch neu in den Foren. Obwohl ich vor ein paar Augenblicken beigetreten sind, ich bin lauern die Foren im Moment, immer zu wissen, was los ist.


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