Oh Yippee Yippee YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mentioned last week that I had decided to start a home business selling Thirty-One Gifts. I had been debating it for about a  month or so, before deciding to just do it. (With my regards to Nike) (The above link will take you to the Thirty-One Gifts home page, not my personal webpage.)

Just what behooved me to decide to start this venture? A couple of things.

  1. I just LOVE the products. Seriously, people, if one could fall in love with a bag, I’d be the one. I am naturally fascinated by bags and the older I get the more I want useful bags that hold up well. I don’t know about you, but the back of my van was full of shopping bags that were splitting out the seams. Thirty – One Bags aren’t made that way. The fabric is durable, washable (hello!!!), and adorable.  I can now get the same amount of groceries in the Large Utility Tote I used to get in 12 re-useable shopping bags. I switched 1 bag for 12! The back of my van looks so much better!
  2. We are blessed by God with an adequate salary. We are in the ministry, and our salary is adequate for our needs.  With God’s help, we were able to follow (mostly) Dave Ramsey‘s steps and get out of debt. We were, without any raise in salary, able to declare we are DEBT-FREE this past March. Wahoo!!! Now, we’re to the saving part, and it’s hard. I’m not sure where, or how but it seems like our expenses have increased…oh wait. It could be the new hot water heater we needed, the tires for the van (we still need), the homeschool curriculum (we haven’t yet ordered). We have all our needs met, but sometimes we think we need a little “extra”.  We long to be able to save more, give more, and live a little further than next payday.  Mr. Full Cup currently works two jobs, and really he does not have time for another one. Thirty-One will allow me to add to our family’s finances and help cover some of those “extras”.
  3. I am not organized. At. All. My 13-year old almost refuses to let me put my own book on my own bookshelf, because I see a spot and pop it in. She has it organized by author and series. Thirty-One Gifts offers more than just bags though. They offer the means to organize myself! Yay!!! If I can make some new bffs, and $$ whilst getting organized, all the better!

So all that to say……

Look! It CAME!!!
Look! It CAME!!!

If you would like to browse around Thirty-One Gifts, here is a link to my page. http://www.mythirtyone.com/vgarrett

(Just another picture of one of the items. This is the Organizing Shoulder bag.

I LOVE this bag!
I LOVE this bag!