It’s beginning to look a lot like….’s for sure not Fall.



No, that isn’t a repeat of last week’s branches. It’s new branches brought down by too much wet snow.

I was actually listening to Christmas music earlier this morning. I think if we’re going to have snow, it should be Christmas time, right? Right!

If today is any indication of how our winter will be, I’m ready to move to Southern California.  Our forecast started with a mix of rain and snow tonight. Then we were supposed to get 3-6″. Now I’m under a blizzard warning until 6am tomorrow morning, with a prediction of 9-13″ of snow.

And this is our first snow of the season.

Someone hold me please.

100_8354We do still have a little grass poking up.

100_8355That’s a lot of snow.
Okay so it’s not that much, but did I say this was our first snow??

100_8359So happy to have this.
Because I’m too frugal (sounds better than “cheap”, don’t you think?) to turn the furnace up.


Yes, I have to torment myself by reposting a picture I took last Friday. Last Friday, as in one week ago today. Look at that, glorious sunshine, blue skies, (that you can’t see in the picture but trust me, they were blue.)



3 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like….

  1. Yes, we had snow here too, but the worst of it’s supposed to be north of us. (haha… in your area!)
    I grow pumpkins because I can’t stand paying money for them at the store… If you were closer I’d invite the girls to come and pick a pumpkin from our patch. (And you too, they are all organic and super yummy!) Stay warm!


  2. Your snow looks beautiful. It doesn’t snow often here but I am hoping it will this year, at least a little bit. Is that a gas heater in the picture? How do you like it? Since I am finally moved into my house I have been thinking about getting one. It has to be propane, but I don’t mind that. My furnace is electric and I think the gas would be cheaper.


  3. M, you’re so kind to share the snow and your pumpkins. If we lived closer we would take you up on it!

    M2, my “fireplace” is actually an electric space heater that looks like a fireplace. It heats the house fairly well.


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