Coffee anyone?

I might be slightly obsessed.
I might be slightly obsessed.

My coffee collection has gotten more extensive than this picture. I’ve added another French Press, an old vintage percolator from the 50s, another whole coffee pot and a lot of mugs.

When I say ” a lot”, I mean A LOT.



100_8362This does not take into consideration or account the ones that are currently being used and/or in the dishwasher.  I’m not quite sure how my collection of coffee mugs got started, probably innocently enough, but the fact remains I have a LOT of coffee mugs.

Some I have purchased because I just “HAD to have it!” Others were given to me by friends who thought I “HAD to have it”. Of the latter, those all tell me a story about the relationship I have with the giver. In the above picture, each one of those three mugs was a gift from someone.

I have been slowly reading the book Radical by David Platt.  Today I was prepared, completely prepared to toss the book across the room. I was fully expecting to shout, “Giving money is NOT the ONLY way, nor is it the BEST way to help the poor!”

Instead, I was shocked to find myself agreeing with him. I was equally shocked to find myself feeling very, very convicted about my coffee makers and mugs.  I felt God whispering in my soul, “How many do you need?”

You know, I can rationalize and justify anything to anyone. I can prove my point. I can show anyone how much something is needed.

Except God.

I can’t justify with God. I can’t rationalize my way out of answering His probing questions.

“How many coffee makers do you need?” Yes, He was *that* specific.

“Well, I need this one, because it makes my espressos, lattes and the like. I need that one. I know the actual coffee side in inoperable because the carafe is gone. I need this one because it was a gift and I’ve wanted one for so long. I need this French press because it makes enough for just me, if I use a small mug. I need the larger French Press for the days I want more than one cup, and sometimes the girls want some too. I need this one because it’s my new one. And it’s purple.”

“How many coffee makers do you need?”

The fact is I don’t *need* any of them. It is more frugal to have at least one. But need? No, I don’t need a one. My coffee, while being something I definitely enjoy, is not vital to my survival on planet earth. I can live quite well without coffee.

Yes, I said that. Yes, I went there. Believe me, I’m just as shocked as you are to read that. Just think, I had to think it first!

Owning a coffee pot is not a sin. It’s not a bad thing. In fact, it can be a money saver. I can make coffee at home and save money. If I had to purchase a cup of coffee every day (and if you think I stop at one cup of coffee a day, I’ have some beautiful ocean front property in Nebraska to sell you), I would spend the price of a pound of coffee beans in one week. Now a pound of coffee typically lasts me about 3 weeks.

So where is this going? I’m not altogether sure. I feel the nudge clean out, to sell my excess coffee pots, my excess mugs.

And give to the poor.

I have to continually remind myself, “I am NOT the poor.” I might not be extravagantly wealthy by any economic standards. At least not earthly economic standards.

Paul writes “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” We read elsewhere, “Be content with your pay.” And “But if we have food, shelter and clothing, we will be content with these.”

I’ve posted on facebook this week, and told my girlies, I’d been contemplating buying a Keurig. Why? Because I didn’t have one.  Do I need one? No.

After reading this chapter in the book Radical, I’m rethinking my needs and my wants. I’m praying for discernment to know, really know, the difference. I’m praying that my choices, my decisions, my actions, my words, would always bring glory to the God who loves me.

One way, in fact I think the ONLY way, to accomplish this is to simply do what He says to do, when He says to do it. Without questioning or arguing.

Would my selling off coffee pots and mugs bring God glory? I don’t know, but I do know if He tells me to do it and I do, He will be glorified. I will be blessed to glorify HIm more.

I think I want that. I know I need it.