Yesterday I debated with myself all morning about whether or not I was going to go to McDonalds for french fries after Bible study or not. I was. Then I wasn’t. Then I was. Then I wasn’t.

You know how we do.

I needed them. I didn’t need them. I NEEDED them. I didn’t need them. I did. I didn’t. I almost gave myself mental whiplash going back and forth so much.

I finally decided, and spoke out loud to the girls that I needed some fries, even though we had yummy good pizza (Papa Murphy’s nonetheless) at home, I just needed some. I wasn’t hungry. I just felt I should go.

While sitting in the long drive-thru lane, I was behind a cute little red car with a fish sticker on the back. As the lady was ordering, I noticed that I knew her. I threw my body into so many contortions trying to get her attention, my children, who have known me forever, were about to crawl under the seats, or just leave the van altogether in utter shame and embarrassment.

Then she noticed. After, of course, I had stopped all the contortions to get her attention. She waved. I waved. And smiled.

There is just something about seeing someone you know in an unexpected place that makes my heart happy.

When it was my turn at the window, the worker asked me I had the one large order of fries and 2 medium orders? I did. She said, “Well that car up there just paid for your fries and said to have a nice day.”

And my heart was blessed.

I kept thinking about this yesterday. What if I hadn’t gone to get the  fries after all?

So often I think of times when I am someplace I hadn’t thought of going, or had no plans to be there, to discover that God sent me to minister to someone else.  We all have those times.

What if sometimes, though, God sends us not so we can minister to someone, but so someone can minister to us? I’ve had a lot on my plate the past few weeks, a lot more on my mind, I’ve been busy, struggling, at times feeling I was losing ground.

And then yesterday happened. It was a breath of fresh air to my weary soul. It was just what my Father knew I needed.

He blesses me so much.