Something holy.

Last week I posted about how often we think we are put in situations we didn’t plan on so we can bless someone else, but realizing afresh that sometimes God puts us in situations not to bless someone else but so they can be used to bless us. It’s like a special hug from God.

I’ve been pondering that throughout the past week. Realizing that we are blessed to bless, we are chosen to give, but we are also selected at times to receive. I don’t know about you, but it is always easier for me to be on the giving end of things.  Don’t get me wrong, gifts are one of my love languages. When someone gives me a gift my love tank just fills up and overflows.

When I was a child, I knew from March 13th what my birthday list for the next birthday would be. (Yes, my birthday is March 12). I knew from December 26 of one year what my next year’s Christmas wish list would be.  I am so happy to notice maturity in myself in this area. While I still feel loved when I am given gifts, I’m not consumed by them.

One thing I missed doing last week in the drive-thru lane was instead of smiling and driving off, I should have paid for the car behind me. A stranger. I should have told the cashier at the window to tell them “Jesus paid for them. And they should pass it on.” I wonder how far that would have gone? I’ll never know because I didn’t do that.

But today.

Today I had a chance at redemption. Not that I think buying someone’s meal at McDonalds to be redeeming. It isn’t part of the salvation plan. It’s not “accept Jesus and buy someone’s food at McDonalds”. It’s just believe Jesus. Believe He is who He said He is. Believe He is the only way to heaven. Believe Him. Period.

Today I was at the counter for the third time in my visit. I had a coupon for a free McCafe drink, and in looking at my receipt  I noticed I had been charged for it. I was wanting it corrected, either a refund or another coffee. I’m not picky. When I got back to our booth, my 13 year old said, “Did you see the (friend’s names)?” Of course I hadn’t. I’d been talking to an older woman in line, and then trying to get the coffee situation worked out. About that time my friend, who was with her children in the play area, looked my way and we smiled and waved at each other.  She came in, and we chatted a bit.

When she went back to her spot, I commented that it appeared they had only come to play at the play area because I didn’t see any food. My girls told me she hadn’t carried any through.

I sent my oldest child to the counter with my debit card, and instructions to order 5 hashbrowns, 3 small orange juices, and one large Pumpkin Spice latte.

My heart felt good.

I was blessed beyond measure.

I knew then why I was searching for our church directory, and found instead the McDonald’s coupons. It was so someone else, who was searching for a place for her children to play, would find rest for her soul, food for her tummy, and love in her heart.

There is something so awe-inspiring, so delicious, so wonderous, about meeting someone, and serving them like we have been served.

But it’s more than that.

It’s something holy.