Searching for Myself.

I’m searching for an article I wrote about Christmas a few years ago. A friend of mine has room in a local, Christian newspaper for it. I know somewhere in this house I have a hard copy, but I don’t know where to begin to look.

Oh wait. Actually I do. I think I have a pretty good idea where it is…or could be. But I know my ADHD will kick into high gear searching for it. It will kick into gear so high, I’ll forget I was looking  for it in the first place. But more than likely my bedroom will be organized, neat, clean.

I might remember tomorrow, or next week that I was looking for the article. But maybe not. I might even have glimpses of a memory of looking for it while puttering and putzing from one A-HA to another. But I digress.  (Ditto the above about a copy on my thumb drive/jump drive/stick. I know where those are, but which one it would be on is a mystery…well maybe not. I’m pretty sure they’re on the grey one, or is it the blue one???)

I am positive I’ve blogged about it. But the days just run together so much, I’m hopeless to remember just when I wrote it. I know I re-posted it a few years ago, but where?

Oh the follies of blog host hopping.

Anyway…as you can see my ADHD is already running in a rather high gear. I searched this blog, my old blog, and my old-old blog. All to no avail. It might have helped if I could remember what I titled the blog post. But no.

This morning I had the great idea to google myself (who ever thought we would say that???). Imagine my immense surprise and horror when the first link to pop up was…..

an obituary.

I might or might not have checked my pulse just to be sure.