The Christmas Candle {Book Review}

Mr. Haddington is a chandler in 17th century England.  One night as he and his family are sleeping in their chandler shop a brilliant light awakens him and his wife. The light makes no noise, but touches one of the candles to be used for the Advent season. One this night he had made candles to be used at church, but he also made some extra. It was one of those extra ones the light touched.

The person who received the candle told, on Christmas Eve, of a reversal of fortune for herself and her children.

Every twenty-five years the light visits the same shop. Every year one candle is touched. And the receiver of that candle is blessed in some way.

The store is handed down from father to son for centuries, until in the 19th century, Edward Haddington’s only son dies, leaving only a daughter, Edward’s granddaughter. But she flees in shame.

This year is sure to be the last year of the visits, as there are no more Haddington’s to run the chandler’s shop. Everyone in the town is finding their way to the Haddington’s door to ask for the candle. They all have needs, all of them great. But who will get the candle?

What will happen when tragedy strikes? Will Edward and his wife be able to face their friends?

You’ll have to read this delightful story by Max Lucado to find out.

The Christmas Candle is a masterful story full of all the things that make a good story. A plot that moves along, characters are believable, drama, intrigue, comedy, a climax and conclusion.  It’s a quick-easy read, which can be good, but the book leaves you wanting more. I read it aloud to my girls in a few hours.

The book is full of surprises. You don’t know how the book will end from reading just the first chapter.  It was also written in a way that a younger person could read it and understand it.

This would be a great gift to read on Christmas afternoon. I highly recommend it!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own.