Losing My Mind

I might have already lost it though. It’s entirely possible. It’s also completely within the realm of possibility that I never had it to begin with.

I’m in a Wednesday morning Bible study. We’re currently going through Colossians. We’re using a book by Kay Arthur, and it is a study of both Philippians and Colossians. Two for the price of one! Wahoo. I love a bargain.

I will admit I’m not a big fan of Kay’s. I know many people are, and I’m really fine with that. She’s just not my style…anymore. Yes, I said, “anymore”. I used to use her study books all the time. Years and years and years and years and..oh you get the idea, when I was a new bride I started attending this Bible study, and we went through all of Kay’s Lord series. I loved every single moment of it. I was down with all the markings, and if you know anything about Kay’s studies, you mark a lot. I mean, you really mark A. Lot.

Now that’s all just a distraction for me. And I’ve read somethings I just don’t agree with.

I bought a copy of the book for our study, but I haven’t followed it. I just read the chapters and pray I learn something worth sharing. I’ll admit, most of the time the leader asks questions and I have no idea what the answer is because I didn’t read the book. But others do, and I learn.

Since I don’t follow the book, I misplaced it. I found it for last week’s study. I felt so spiritual taking my Bible and study book.

I’ve misplaced it again. And another dear lady in the study would like to have it. I promised it to her for the low-low price of zero dollars.

Honestly! How can one have a book one day and the next day it is completely gone? I don’t understand it. I think I keep my house fairly neat, so it shouldn’t be lost in a pile of who-knows-what. But it has simply disappeared.

Maybe it’s my obsession with bags. I have a plethora, and I sell 31, so in all likelihood I’ll get a myriad of more bags. My big dilemma is, which bag did I put it in.

Also if you’ve been following this blog at all you know I review books. So I have roughly half a million books in this house. And one little bookcase. So I have stacks of books…most of them are under the bed. But still I have stacks and stacks and stacks of my stacks of books.

So in which bag is the book? Or in which stack did I stack the book in?

That remains the question of my life right now.


I know, I know. First world problems.