I am a professional..

Do not try this at home.

These are true conversations  (or happenings) that happened in my house just a mere 24 hours ago (give or take.)

My 11-year old, “Beanie”: Momma, what is the “e” planet?
Me: Blank look.
Beanie: ‘My Very Early Morning Just Started Under Nancy’s Pancakes.’
Me:  Oh. Yeah yeah. Hmmm….I can’t think. Go look it up.
Me to my 13 year old: What is the “e” planet?
Her: Earth.
Me: face palm. 

I was planning on popping a roast in the slow-cooker for supper. Wednesdays  are by my own design CRAZY! And by crazy, I really mean CRAZY-CRAZY. It is the day I try and get most all of our errands done. We have Bible study all morning, okay technically it’s not all morning, from 9-11ish. But we spend the morning preparing and cleaning up from Bible study so it does involve the whole morning.  We have piano lessons, dance lessons, AWANA.  I need supper to quick and easy since dance doesn’t get done until 45 minutes before we need to leave for AWANA, and we have the driving home, getting ready for AWANA, eating, clean up to do. It gets a little hairy.  So I NEED simple! Slow-cooker meals are great.


Beanie is usually the roast maker here, and I asked her if she wanted to make it or if she’d like me to. She was rather noncommittal so I threw the roast in the slow-cooker. And I heaved a big sigh of relief. Supper at least would be done.

Or not. Since I didn’t realize until 2pm I had failed to turn ON the slow cooker. The roast only takes 8-10 and if I’m wanting it to be reeeaaalllyyy good, I’ll leave it in for 12-24 hours.  I had 6 until we had to leave.

So supper was not roast. Sammies and fries. Because nothing tells the ones you love how much you love them than feeding them cold sandwiches on a cold day.

Next conversation: I glance at the clock and see it is about 5 after 3. I say to my oldest: Hey! If we’re going to walk to piano lessons, we need to leave like 5 minutes ago!!
Her: That would be complicated!
Me: And not to mention difficult!

Yes, if nothing else I am Gilligan. And redundant.

(And hmmm. I see up there the font size changes…man I wish I knew how I did that and how to change it back.)