It’s a cold, Spendy kind of day.

I might or might not be, but I probably, in all likelihood am, a coffee freak..err fanatic. I love coffee. I told Mr. FullCup the other day “There isn’t anything a cup of coffee, and Jesus can’t fix.” Nothing.

Not that Jesus needs a cup of coffee. But I do. I also need Jesus. I need Him more, so much more than I need coffee. They both keep me sane. Jesus more so, of course, because He’s like…God. Coffee isn’t.  There is something just so holy about sitting down early on a frosty morning with a steaming cup of coffee, my Bible, and Jesus.  Sometimes I can picture Him sitting across from me, and yes, He’s drinking His own special brew.

I don’t worship coffee. I enjoy it.  Some days I can’t wait to go to bed because that means morning will comeand I’ll get more coffee. Yes, I limit as much as possible my coffee consumption to the morning hours. Even though I drink decaf.


This morning I had one cup of regular hazelnut coffee.

Because it’s my favorite flavor. And because I got one of these things:

IMG_20140206_114615[1]I have wanted one of these for quite some time. But I couldn’t get over the sticker price. There was a time in the not-quite-as-distant-as-I’d-like-to-think-past that I would not have given the price a second thought.  But Mr. FullCup…errr …Dave Ramsey….errr Jesus got a hold of my thoughts, my heart and well He kind of just took over. Now I pause. I weigh my options very carefully. And usually I pass.

And work to save the funds.

Today that paid off. Delayed gratification is good thing. Why don’t I remember this? Why do I always think I have to have it NOW? Or even yesterday? Last week would be great!

I also managed to snag a new laptop. One without Vista. Yay me!

IMG_20140206_114918[1]It’s my first Toshiba…I’m a Dell girl. But I refused to pay the sale price for one of those. And this one works for me…at least for now. I love that the screen is large enough for my poor, old, failing eyes. I can see it all.




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