I love a deal. I really, really love a good deal.  I mean I REALLY love a great deal.  I snoop out good deals anywhere I can find them.

Even when they are at…choke…gasp….Walmart.

Yes, you read that right, Walmart. Or as it is more unaffectionately called in my house, The Evil Empire.

Yes, I call it that. In fact, a number  of years ago, our girls were with some friends. Friends who shopped at Walmart. Friends who wanted/needed to go shopping at Walmart. My girls asked them to call us first  to ask if they could go to The Evil Empire.

I’m still laughing over that. Of course we said yes.

Today, for the first time in years I went to Walmart. I had purchased earlier this month a laptop from Staples, but it just wasn’t a good machine. The mouse didn’t work most of the time. It was a nice big one but not worth the hassle.  I returned it and snooped out a good deal.

At Walmart.

Mr. FullCup found a Dell (I LOVE Dells!) for..well let’s just say it was a sweet, sweet price for a Dell laptop. They didn’t have any on the shelf, but when they scanned it, it showed they had 5 in stock. Not a one was to be found. We called the next day to see if they had gotten off the truck. The answer was yes. So Mr. FullCup went out again in the blizzard to get it.

In short, it wasn’t in stock. He was told to call that night about 9:30 to see if it had been taken off the truck yet.  I did. It wasn’t.

Today my 11-year old and I, again in a blizzard, stopped in to see if it was off the truck. It wasn’t. It wasn’t even on the shelf.


They did have a hp for about $20 less than the dell. But guess what? They didn’t have any of that in stock. The only one they had was the display. The manager offered it to me for $75 less than the clearance price. I told him if they had everything, box, book, battery etc, I’d be interested at $200.

And I felt like Mike and Frank on American Pickers.

They did. I did.

My dell that is about 5 years old had been having power supply issues, I found at Target a laptop charger that was supposed to work with Dells. I took a chance, bought it and guess what? It works!

I also managed to snag a wireless printer!

In short, I was able to purchase a new laptop, printer, and power supply for less than the price of the Toshiba laptop I took back to Staples.

Sometimes life is just good.