I need…

Younger children…or more time..or I need to waste less time. Chances are good it’s the latter.  It seems when my children (now 13.5 …or she would say “13.75” and 11) were younger I had an unending supply of blog fodder, now? Not quite so much.

Time just seems to slip away, I have the best of intentions of blogging like I used to, but it doesn’t seem to work out like it did. Maybe I should make naps again non-negotiable. Or we should watch more Cinderella.

Speaking of Cinderella, my oldest spent about 10 days in California. One night while she was gone we had go-to-the-movies-at-home-night. We ate supper a little early, bought a big bag of popcorn, because I’m sorry but popcorn sold as “Theater popcorn” just falls so short. We watched The Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

I watched that while I was winging my way to Ireland a few years ago. No one else had seen it. We giggled our way through. Beanie has since purchased that one, Prince Caspian and we’ve watched them over and over and over. She is anxiously waiting the arrival of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Lately, we’ve been waiting for a lot of goodies in the mail. Thirty-One Gifts orders. Books. Movies. Phones.  I recently bought a new phone through amazon.com. It has the siri feature. Which is great. Until this happens.


Apparently I *finally* have a Smart Phone. All the other ones were just dumb phones parading as a smart one.


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