This is where I write a witty, silly blog post about absolutely nothing.


Unfortunately, this is when I am up to my eyeballs in algebra, percentages, fractions, and all manner of all things math.


Here is where I pull my hair out by the roots. Which are getting whiter every day.


Is whiter even a real word? I mean you have white, the absence of all color, if you have no color can you possibly have anything less than no color?


Or would that be any more of no color?


Seriously people, I need to get out. Oh wait. I just got back in…from running to Target for milk and eggs. My life is reduced to this…

Math, milk and eggs.

Dear Summer, please, please come quickly!!


One thought on “This

  1. Isn’t math fun! I think I’ve learned more teaching M math than I ever learned in school! If you get bored enough at home come for a visit… we’d love to see you. 🙂



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