(Before I get started, I have a confession…in my post yesterday, I did have a few one-word helps. But today I said it to my girls completely from memory and even wrote it out, longhand, from memory. I think I deserve a reward.)

With the advent of email, snail mail, except for bills and junk, has gone the way of the dinosaur. Or so it seems. I remember being a child (lo, those many, many years ago), having a pen-pal and getting actual letters in the mail. I held on to them for years, I would read and re-read them over and over. A small gesture of the love of the sender.

I myself have gotten out of the habit of writing letters, or even cards and mailing them. I find it a lot easier to just sent a text, email or post on their wall. They see it a lot sooner. But something is lacking in my offering.

My time.

I don’t take the time to sit and write out in my own sloppy handwriting my thoughts. It takes a lot less time and effort to sit at the computer and send an email.

It’s also a lot less personal.

On facebook anyone can read the missive intended for my friend. It’s both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they will know I really love my friends, and a cursing because I don’t feel I can always share my full heart. It’s one thing to say, “Hey I’m just popping over to say I love you.” and yet another to share your deepest thoughts.

I know, I know, facebook, twitter and all other venues of social media is not the place for that.  I know and completely understand. It could be done in an email, but even that isn’t the right place.  Once something is sent into cyberspace, you never really know for sure where it will end up.

But this week, yes, this week I received some love in my mailbox from a friend far away. It came on the perfect day, at the perfect time. The time I needed it most.

And I was blessed beyond my wildest imaginings, and if you know me at all you know I have some pretty wild imaginings!  It wasn’t just the birthday gift tucked inside, it was the time, the thought that went into it. It was my friend taking the time to stop and say, “Hey, you’re important!”

Who doesn’t love that? Why do we not take the time in our hurry-crazy filled days, to let those dear to us know? Why don’t we take the time to write more letters? Why don’t we put away the computer, email accounts, facebook, and other fast-fix programs, and let someone know from the heart how we feel?

I know the cost of postage has gone up in recent years and email is free. But really isn’t that just an excuse? Are our loved ones not even worth the price of a stamp anymore? Shame on us.

I’m not trying to start a drive to write more, send more cards. I’m not even saying I’m done with social media, email and texting. I’m not even saying I won’t use those means to express my thoughts to those I love. I am saying, let’s take a little time every now and again to reacquaint ourselves with pens, ink, and paper. Let’s meet new friends at the post office. Let’s send a little love to those dear to us who aren’t near to us. And maybe even to those who are!


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  1. I completely agree – letter writing has become a lost art. (Did you get my recent letter?)
    Also, good job on the Scripture memorization!


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