More Pictures!

It really has been too beautiful out lately. I’ve been sadly slacking in my “inside jobs”.  I’ve chosen instead to be outside soaking up the vitamin D. I even have the start of a sunburn! Yay me.

And I mean that “yay me!” literally. I don’t burn or tan. I’m pasty white from January 1-December 31. Call it a gift or a freakishly odd thing. But it’s true.


This is close to where I live but not like in my back yard or anything. I was actually taking a picture of the two white, pelican-looking birds in the middle. You cna’t even see them in the picture.

My youngest was having a play date (do they still call them that if the children are 11 almost 12?) with a friend, so my oldest and I went on a little adventure. We should have turned right to come home but since I didn’t know what would happen if I turned left, I did. We were rewarded with one of the most beautiful drives I’ve been on.










We didn’t tell those cows to pose so nicely. They just did.

It is a little difficult to find “roads less traveled” when you’ve spent the majority of your life in an particular area, but we did. And it really did make all the difference.


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