I like fast.  I like to do things fast, maybe it’s because if it takes too long I lose interest and find no enjoyment in doing whatever it is I’m doing any longer.  I like things to move along quickly.

But I also like to take the road less traveled. I prefer the highway to the interstate. Who really needs to go hurtling down the highway at 80 miles an hour in a tin can, that really isn’t tin, more like a fiberglass and aluminum pop can (or soda or coke can if you prefer)? Not this chickee. No sirree bob. I want to take the highway, top speed 65, sometimes I go 60 because it’s easier for me to figure out how many minutes until I’ll be in the next little town exactly.

Life lately has been at warp speed. A little tish-bit faster than I like.  And it’s just getting more so. I’m not sure what faster than warp speed is exactly, but it’s coming.

I might need a lot more coffee.