Sadie’s Stitching

I’m having a love affair.

It’s true, and I’m freely admitting it here for all the world to see.

I am in love with….


Yes, slippers. Okay really all-things pajama, but especially slippers.

Slippers are the one “shoe” I can wear that covers my feet in the summer without my toes complaining, longing to breathe free.  It’s like they know it’s summer and summer means slip-slops…or flip-flops for those of you who didn’t have my 11-year old grow up in your house. She was convinced for years they were slip-slops. Because “when you slip, you slop.” was her rationale.


My friend Sadie is a knitter with some awesome mad knitting skills. I mean she’s got some amazing skills!  She recently made these for me….


They are knitted, felted slippers.  Made from Brown Sheep Wool they are warm enough to warm to coldest tootsies in the coldest winter, which okay since it’s August I haven’t actually tried that theory out yet, but I have seen people wear these in the snow.

So there.

Since they are wool, they are also cool enough to wear on the warmest summer day without having your feet feel like they are living in a sauna.

Now that I have tried. Yes, I have. I have worn these on warm summer days and I was just fine.


If your fancy leads to more fancy than solid colors, look what she can do for you!


If you can think it, she can do it.

She isn’t limited to slippers either. I tell ya this girl has some mad knitting skills.

If you need stitch markers…Sadie’s your girl.

Sadie is currently in college, so her time is somewhat limited, but she would be happy to talk to you about the possibility of making some Christmas gifts for you to give your loved ones this year. Her prices are very reasonable! If you need talk to her about your needs, leave me a comment and I’ll tell you how to get in touch with her. (I say that because I don’t feel comfortable putting her information on this post.)