Have you ever noticed that thankful has the word FULL at the end? We are full of thanks when we’re thankFUL.

Today I’m thankFUL for:

  • Sunshine streaming in clean windows
  • Candles that burn brightly
  • Eggs
  • Videos shared in the quiet early morning with my Beanie.
  • Sleep
  • Friends…near and far.
  • People who encourage
  • Bacon
  • Hoodies that say “Crazy Woman” across the front
  • Friends that have hoodies that are also blue and also say “Crazy Woman” across the front
  • Birthdays
  • Death days
  • Easy days
  • Hard days
  • Joy
  • Coffee
  • Comfy chairs
  • Football
  • A cup that runs over
  • God

(No, that doesn’t mean I’m thankFUL for three little periods or an ellipsis.)

What are you thankFUL for?


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