Grace Gifts

I’m currently reading a book that was extremely popular a few years ago. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I wasn’t all that interested in it before, but a friend loaned it to me and I’ve been slowly making my way through it for a couple of weeks now.

Yes. Slowly.

Yes. A couple of weeks. Not days. But weeks. It is so jam-packed with goodness, it’s like eating a very rich chocolate cake. You have to eat it slowly. Most of the time I can’t even read a whole chapter, I stop at  break and ponder it the rest of the day.

I am convinced the original sin was not pride as is touted by most in Christendom today. No. I’m convinced it was ungratefulness.

I’m equally convinced I suffer from that malady. I might say “Thank you.” But I don’t live a life of thankfulness. Thank you at times are mere words used to express a politeness we have been taught to say, but doesn’t always match our true feelings.

We get an ugly sweater from Aunt Bertha and we dutifully say “Thank you.” All the while thinking, “What? Are you crazy? I hate this.”

I’m also realizing God is trying to change this about me. He has been hitting me at every turn with gratefulness of the heart.  He is teaching me that gratefulness is next to godliness and if I would be godly, I must be grateful in and for each little thing that comes my way.

Today I’m grateful for:

Hot showers of Grace


Soap suds of mercy that wash my soul clean.

Yes. I did think of those while in the shower this morning. How did you guess?

To completely change directions.

We’re thinking of finally putting the house on the market. I say “we” somewhat loosely.  When I say “we” here it should translate in your mind as “me”. It’s not that Mr. FullCup isn’t in complete agreement, but he’s not entirely convinced it’s smart. I am.

A friend told me about a house outside of my town, and outside of the next two towns west of me that is a fixer-upper and for sale…cheap. It’s not currently on the market, but she knows someone who knows (and is related) to the owners. I’ve driven past it. I’ve peeked in the windows. Or…errr..window. Please don’t misunderstand me, it has more than one window…but we could only peek in one. And not see a whole lot.

20141108_104324 See?  It is a fixer-upper. In need of some love and good people to move in. I’ve heard it is liveable, but dirty.

I’m not afraid of dirt.

If you think I am, you should take a look at my kitchen floor.

On second thought, you really shouldn’t take a look at my kitchen floor.


I mean it’s really in need of fixing. From the outside in.

It is out of town. And comes with 8 acres.


All morning as I’ve thought and prayed about this, I’ve had this song run through my mind.


If you’ve seen Holiday Inn, please picture all he goes through fixing up the Inn. If you haven’t seen Holiday Inn, stop what you’re doing and watch it!


3 thoughts on “Grace Gifts

  1. I read that book (well most of it, it’s not an easy read…) and loved it. I try to keep gratitude in all things a focus of each day… I’m not always successful, but I try. (I used to have a wooden sign hanging in my kitchen “in everything give thanks…”.

    You know our prayers are with you, whatever happens with the house… If it’s meant to be, it will happen… if it doesn’t, there is something else out there for you. Do make sure it’s checked out thoroughly though… It looks like a lovely big house (and yes, I’d be jealous.. just a little… of all that land! 🙂 but making sure the foundation is good, and there isn’t a moisture problem from the places where the siding is missing, is so important… those aren’t thing you want to mess with.

    Tell the girls hello from us…


  2. So you left me hanging! Are you going to try to get the house and acres? Or does the song mean you’re going to stay where you are and be grateful for that place?

    My parents checked out the property they purchased when dad came across the circled ad for it…three times in three different places. So they would up checking on it. I hated it…not at all my idea of a farmhouse. But it quickly became home and I loved that.


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