Breaking and Entering

The Prison of FullCup was burgled. On Black Friday.

Brownies were consumed.

I told you it was just like Alcatraz only not quite so impenetrable. All you need is a key and voila! You’re in.

Okay I know that’s the same with Alcatraz, and most people escaped from Alcatraz and not inside. But work with me people.

It seems the key to the front door was used, entry was gained. Only the passcode was beyond the perpetrator.

Okay, technically since he had the key he didn’t burgle my house. But it makes for a great story. And I’m telling you that I gave him the key…oh wait…I just did.

Jack Flashson* fed the cat, rinsed out her water dish and refilled it, consumed a brownie all with the alarm shrieking.  (Can I just interject here that it is LOUD, you can hear it 2 blocks away.)  He then walked out the front door, locked it and got in his pickup. He heard a vibrating sound, realized his phone had falled out of his pocket, slipped between the seats and he missed a call from Mr. FullCup.

He quickly returns the missed call and while he is talking, he notices he is being approached by two uniformed officers. Yes, the dear men in blue. He rolls down his window and they have a little stare fest. Jack gets the security code from Mr. Full Cup, says it out loud, which helped immensely when they all went inside.

I say it helped immensely because one of the officers remembered it.

I did offer to bail him out.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent