A Big Day

Yesterday was a big day at our house. Some discussions were…errr…discussed. New ideas proposed. New strategies implemented. New thoughts were thought and are being thought on.

I have been noticing my 14.5-year-old keeps herself awake at night. I’m not entirely sure I know how she does that I just know she does.  It’s not a big issue as we’ve known for awhile that her natural, God-given bent is to be a night owl. We have had though through different scheduled activities had to work to curb it a bit.

It’s not working. That’s the short of it. The long of it is, I’ve noticed every month her nose gets stuffy, and runny, she sneezes a lot more. She kept calling it allergies. And up to a certain point I thought she was probably right. Not anymore. It seems to go in cycles, she’ll push sleep off, get run down and out comes the sniffly nose.


So starting tonight she’ll have to be in bed at 9 (current bedtime), but she determines when she turns off the light and goes to sleep. She knows what she needs to get done every day, and what days we have early morning activities. She will also get to determine what time she wakes up and gets her day started.

That’s the beauty of homeschooling.

We can set the start time. If we want to sleep all morning and do school all night, who cares!

I certainly don’t want to do school all night, shoot most nights I’m ready for bed by 9, falling asleep by 9:30 if not earlier. That is my bent. It’s not her.

Of course, this might all change quickly.

The children and I went with our friend,  “Jihadist” (obviously not his real name please see this post to find out what I mean here) to see the inside of “The House” .  The outside isn’t bad. It’s not the best but not bad. If one merely got rid of the weeds, junk and finished the siding. It would be ever so lovely.

The inside is…liveable. It is. It’s not pretty, parts of it aren’t done. But one could live in it. Easily. As long as you ignored the scary places you’d be fine. A-OK in fact.

When Jihadist told me the price he was given by the seller, I thought we would have a problem. It wasn’t the same price I’d heard earlier. It was almost twice as much. Considering we’d be moving over 20 miles away, and still have work, church, dance and piano lessons here, and the amount of work the house would need it wasn’t feasible. (Or should I say fees-able.)

I was still very much interested in the house. I talked to Mr. FullCup about it yesterday afternoon and asked if he wanted to see it. I also put a few “fleeces” out:

  1. The seller would need to accept my offer,
  2. My house would have to sell for what I’ve been told it could, and
  3. Mr. FullCup would want to see it.

He hasn’t decided to see it just yet, he wants me to ask him again on Monday. However, he did bring it up yesterday and today. Today he told me he was all ready to say “Let’s do it!” if the price was still the lower amount.

Hoo boy.

So friends, I’m asking for your prayers. Please pray that God’s will would be abundantly clear to the profoundly stupid. That the things that have to happen, happen. And if they don’t that we have the guts to walk away. And know that something else better is out there.

While he hasn’t quite decided he wants to see it, put an offer on it, list our house, the mere fact that he brought it and wants to possibly move on it speaks volumes to me. For years, he has been so against moving of any kind because he just hates it. So for me, I’m really feeling God saying “keep at it. Take another step. and another step…”


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