Grown Up Christmas List

I couldn’t leave out the oldest child living in my house…oh wait…I mean the oldest child I birth through agony…on the posting of the Christmas wish list.

(Speaking of Christmas wish lists, I had an email this morning from UPS saying they have a package for me that will be delivered tomorrow from Williams and Sonoma. I’ve never ordered from them. Woo Hoo!! I wonder what it is! And if it’s really for me. And who it’s from.)

Okay, onward and upward with the Christmas wish list.

Calligraphy pens. She got some last year for Christmas, took a calligraphy class with Opa. She’s good at it!!

Under the bed storage boxes. She’s a pack rat extraordinaire. She loves to keep everything she ever got, but also likes things to be nice, neat and organized.

Coffee, lots and lots of coffee. She loves the stuff, drinks it by the gallons.

Oh wait.

No, that’s not her. That’s me, I do that.

Song of Years by Bess Streeter Aldrich. She read it once and it quickly moved to the spot of “Favorite Book of Her Life.”

Daisies. The chipper, cheerful and happy flowers.Okay, so all those adjectives mean the same things. Sue me. I tend to repeat myself and sometimes I can be a little redundant too.

Music. Legal. Sheet. Cds. For CDs she says, “like Casting Crowns or something.”