Mishmash Brain Dump

This morning I knew exactly what I was going to blog about, but the rushing around to get to the office on time, breakfast made, or err bought and eaten, key for the church picked up, and all other things one needs to do before leaving home in the morning.

Like giving your child instructions for the day. Instructions that include,

Remember when you get your math done, Christmas vacation starts.

Yes, we are still doing school. And it is December. This year we decided that while in the past it has worked very well for us to school all year, taking off all of December, April and August, it just doesn’t work as well anymore. Our 14 year old is in high school now, and summers are crazy busy.

So this year is the first year of following the public/Christian school schedule. Except on snow days, teacher in service days, and the like. We’ll take a few Sun days in the spring, when our souls rejoice to again see the sun shining brightly in the sky after a long grey, dreary winter.

And winter is here in full force. I’d just like to say:

Image found at mariludavis.wordpress.com
Image found at mariludavis.wordpress.com

No I wasn’t. Last Monday (and it is incredibly hard to realize that it was just a week ago) I awoke to 14 inches of snow. They predicted a mere 4. So they forgot a lousy 1. But a very important 1.

We still have probably 10-12 inches or so. More is coming.

Bah humbug.

Hey do you know if you mix coconut creme coffee and banana nut creme coffee it tastes like dish soap? Yeah, well take my word for it. It tastes like dish soap.

Early this morning I made coconut creme coffee, and then I made banana nut creme to bring to the office. I used the same cup and didn’t rinse it out first.

That’ll teach me.


Our church is having a Christmas Eve service. I don’t remember ever going to them when I was a kid. Maybe we did. Who knows….well I’m sure someone knows just not me.

It’s not new that we’re having a service. But it starts at 5:30 with coffee and cookies, the actual service starts at 6. It’s times like this I wish I was Catholic, attending a Catholic church. I want to go to midnight mass on Christmas eve at least once in my life.

Maybe I have a touch of romanticism in me. Maybe it’s watching all those cheesy, sappy Christmas movies Hallmark puts out. But there is it.

On the house front, I have seen the inside. It’s not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. We are currently preparing our house to be put on the market in early January. I had hoped to get it all done so we could list it January 2nd, but the pesky Christmas holiday has gotten in the way.

I haven’t sent out Christmas cards yet. I do plan on it.

Hey I just discovered an easy way to change the volume on this computer. Go me.

I think this is entirely too rambly……so I’ll share another favorite Christmas carol and call it good.

I am not even going to lie. Silver Bells has been my favorite Christmas song since I was in the first grade. I still remember hearing it for the first time when my class went to the Federated Church in town to practice it. We must have made the red and green construction paper garland because that memory is tied tightly to this song.


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  1. This was our first year to take off the summer from homeschooling. I wish I hadn’t taken off because we lost a lot it seems, but sometimes you can’t know until you try. And really, we were all more than ready to start school, so that was good! The holidays threw me off this year, but I’m going to regroup and start fresh next month.


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