I’ve come to the conclusion that:

I don’t like carrots cooked with scrambled eggs.

Not at all.

Or as my great-grandmother used to say, “not a’tall.”

Not one little bit. I’m the Green Eggs and Ham guy, only I’m not sure if I like green eggs and ham. But I know I don’t like carrots cooked with scrambled eggs.

I can’t believe I’m wasting a blog post on Christmas Eve to talk about my great disdain for carrots in scrambled eggs.  Since I’m eating a healthy diet my breakfast food choices have dwindled to a nice variety of eggs.

Over hard, scrambled, boiled.. you name it.

Often on nights I don’t cook (which really isn’t all that often), Mr. FullCup will fix something. His go to supper?


Any way you like them eggs.

After eating eggs every morning of my life, I like a little variety in my meals later in the day. I do. Sue me. I can’t eat eggs for breakfast and supper in the same day.

Tonight is the Christmas Eve service at church. Today I have to put labels on a gift we’re handing out. I volunteered because I had plans to do nothing more than sit and watch Christmas movies all day. I still might but since the morning is more than half gone, I’ll have to get a move on.

Merry Christmas!