Warm thoughts on a cold morning.

Happy 2015. Currently, the house is quiet except for my fingers clicking on the keys and the furnace ensuring we stay warm another day.

Or second at least.

I’ve been on a self-imposed hiatus from all things Facebook.  I wanted to spend more time with my family and friends in my day-to-day life, friends I could laugh with, share coffee with, not the friends who live inside my computer. It was good. It is good.

It is also January 1, 2015. I can’t believe it. I know to many New Year’s Day is a holiday, Mr. FullCup is off work, as are many people. But to me it’s just a regular day.

A regular day to watch football. all. day. long.

This year I don’t care at all about who wins the national title in college football. Unless it’s Ohio State. I’m sure that is the only game I’ll be watching.

We’ve been invited to friends for the day, I’d like to knock off some more painting. But really, football and friends will win. I can paint tomorrow.

I have learned over the years that the new year will come whether or not I’m awake to see it. I’ve adopted the habit of getting up around 5:30 every morning, which means I go to bed around 9:30. Needless to say, I was too tired to live last night. I fell asleep watching Holiday Inn, and finally went to bed around 11:30. I was done. So was Beanie.

So here’s to 2015. What will the year bring? What joys, what surprises, what happinesses, what tragedies, what sorrows, what troubles?

It doesn’t matter. We have been given grace-gifts and we will be given grace-gifts. Little gifts of His grace to praise and bless Him.


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