My “Plenty of Money” House Project

20141108_104407I might have mentioned a time or fifty that we’re deep in the pondering process of putting our current house on the market and moving to this monstrosity. I’ve driven past it a few times. I’ve peeked in all the windows I could, which equalled precisely one. I’ve been inside it with my girls and our realtor friend, Jihadist. (No, that’s not his real name. It is though what my not-so-smart phone changes his name to every time. And it’s a great fake name for him.

I received an email from him the Monday of Christmas week. It seems the seller might be interested in working a deal with us that would negate the need to list my house for sale.

No, he doesn’t want us to go jump in the lake.

Our realtor was leaving town that day for two weeks, so we’ve had two weeks to sit and ponder the ramifications. We’ve been both elated and terrified at the prospect.

And by “we”, we all know I mean me.

Because Mr. FullCup isn’t quite so all over the place emotionally.

It hasn’t worked out for us to see the house again, which was my requirement and this time Mr. FullCup had to come too, before now. We will look at it tomorrow afternoon and then decide whether or not to proceed. So you could all pray that it would be made abundantly clear to the profoundly stupid.

Now, I’ve been saying that for a few weeks…well since we found this house…and I understand some people don’t like it. They think “Why are you always so negative about yourself?”

I’m not. Really. I just know there is a very good reason Jesus calls us sheep. Sheep are stupid. They go way past the dumb animal. When it comes to following Jesus, I want to do it. I want to do what He says, to follow His lead.

And I don’t want my own wants and desires to get in the way and mask His voice. And I know my own propensity for doing just that.

I find it somewhat ironic that I have a book to review at this time, the time when I’m working to get my house ready to sell. The book is Clutter Free and it’s by my friend, Kathi Lipp.

I love her.

The book hasn’t launched yet and I am privileged to be in the group to launch this book to the general populace. You are going to LOVE it. In a group on Facebook for those of us working to launch the book, people are posting pictures of their clutter and finding great satisfaction in ridding their homes of all things clutter.

I’ve been doing this. I can honestly say that for the most part, I don’t struggle with clutter. I do have my “piles”, but they are things I use if not daily at least every other day.

20150105_091503This is one pile. I use this every day. This pile sits on my bookshelf, no, not the right way. Every day I read a little from 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  The blue book is my quote book. When I’m reading and I come across something I really like, and want to mark, I copy it into this book.  The notebook is where I record my gifts. The top two books are ones I’m currently reading. And the pink pouch on the top holds all my pens.

So there you have it. My clutter. Or at least one pile. I have learned over my life I don’t handle clutter well. When life gets cluttered I tend to get crazy and throw things away willy-nilly.

We’re not even going to talk about the basement. That’s the stuff nightmares are made from.


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  1. I’m SO glad you were able to get info on the house! It’s HUGE, but needs a lot of TLC! (Totally worth it!!!) I’ll be praying for this decision for your family (& really, I wouldn’t mind having you as “neighbors…” Ish 😉)


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