Once again

I’m doing the secretary thing. I’m always amazed how easily I fit and fall right back into the swing of things when I do this.

Please someone don’t let me forget the pizza in the oven for the pastors’ lunch.

No, it’s not normally our duty to make sure he has food. But today is a special day. You see, all the area pastor’s are meeting here to pray over the noon hour. So to keep them from starving, and okay, to make me look really good, I’m making them pizza.

Because you know, I’m here and all. If I wasn’t here, the normal secretary would do it.

Some sweet soul brought flowers, very fragrant roses in for the secretary. Bless them, Lord! The note said “Roses for you if you take some to _______.” A sweet lady in our church who fell on the ice and is in the hospital.  I immediately emailed the leaver of the flowers and asked if they were for the secretary specifically (no person was addressed on the note) or just in general, “whoever delivers these gets the others.”

I was stoked. I’ve been filling in this position for a few years now (I shudder to think of just how many. I know my girls were too young to stay at home alone when I started.) and I’ve never gotten a random gift.

I haven’t heard from the leaver of the roses yet, but it’s just as well. I’ll be in here tomorrow too. And the roses are too fragrant for me. I had to move them across the office. I still smell them.

Did I mention I’m allergic to roses? I know I  planted some in my memory garden (for a minute I forgot what that was called….yeah, I laughed about that too), but that is outside and far enough from my house I can get by with no problems. However, apparently these are a very fragrant variety and across the room isn’t far enough away.

My head told me so.

Things are moving ahead with the whole house situation. I told our realtor our house would be ready to be seen early next week. I had completely forgot I was out of the house for 2 days between now and then. So I’m rushing to get things ready.