This weekend I’ve been a lean, mean, painting machine. Heavy on the painting, lean on the lean and mean.  Since I’ve been sniffing paint fumes for a few days (3 rooms and the hallway have all been painted since Wednesday!) I’ll share mostly pictures.

Master bedroom before. (Now don’t get your hopes up, most of the time I completely forgot about taking the “before” pictures. You’re fortunate on this one though because I needed to ask some friends which color.)



And master bedroom after.



It looks blue, but it’s grey with blue undertones. Hallway, you can see in the above picture is now the same color, as is the laundry room.

Years ago I decorated my bathroom with ducks. Maybe I was rebelling because I never got to have geese in my kitchen. Not that I wanted any, I’ve never been a fan of geese. So really why I had ducks in my bathroom, other than my girls were small, and I could find duck things all over the place, I’ll never know.  When my bathroom was ducks, the walls were a very pale blue, the carpet a dark blue and my friend made this sign for me,


The picture doesn’t do the sign justice or the walls either. The walls are now the same color as the word “bath”.  I’ve painted the bathroom now 3 times and I would like to say,

I hate painting the bathroom. 

Hate it.


But it’s done…or mostly done. I have touch-ups to do.

One of them is talking myself out of buying white paint because now all the trim looks really, really sad. It’s sad really, how sad it really looks.

And onto another topic.  In other words. I’m finished telling you how sad it really looks, if you haven’t guessed it’s really sad looking by now, you just might be a lost cause.

And why did the book “When you give a mouse a muffin” keep running through my head as I was painting? Anyone know?

I also managed to spend a few minutes not painting this weekend. Instead, I de-cluttered. A little.


The first batch ready to go to the thrift store. I’ve since filled another large box. It’s behind me and yes, I’m ignoring it. For today.


This wasn’t quite one of those cupboards you take your life into your hands when you open it, but it was quite cluttered with, well honestly, junk I didn’t know where else to put.

Ahhhhhhhh. Now I can breathe easy when opening the doors.


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  1. Looks great! There is nothing like new paint to make things look fresh and clean…

    I can’t believe you have a whole, almost empty, cupboard… I’m jealous. (Mine are all stuffed FULL!)

    Have a good day…


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