Silliness and Thankfulness

A little light-hearted video I found that goes along with yesterday’s post.

Last week I received an email from UPS saying I had a package that would be delivered the next day. That isn’t very unusual. Most of the books I receive to review are shipped UPS so I’m on a nearly first-name basis with my UPS man, except the one right now. He’s new and I haven’t asked his name yet. But I’m sure after a few days I’ll be invited to his child’s first birthday party, or possibly his high school graduation.

Yes, he looks that young.

My favorite encounter with a UPS man was early in 1995 when the UPS man I knew personally delivered a box to me at work. I squeal with glee, clutched his arm and made him wait while I opened the box.  He thought I was a little daft then, he knows me better now.

And he knows I’m a lot daft.

He had no desire at all to see my wedding invitations.

I don’t know the current UPS man that well. But I have been known to call him my “new best friend” on occasion. Yes, to his face.

I could maybe sometimes get a little over exuberant. But probably not.

This email though was not from a book publisher. I was confused for all of 90 seconds until it dawned on me that Mr. FullCup had probably ordered something for Sunday school or children’s church. When he got home for lunch that day I asked him what he had ordered.

Blank stare.

Followed by a scared, “Nothing.”

Then I knew. He had ordered something for me.

But he didn’t.

But someone else did! My aunt knowing I have been reading all things 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp, and probably knowing my one word for 2015 is Gratitude.

It was like Christmas all over again. I’ve fed my soul with the wisdom of the book….that I just realized I didn’t tell you what it was.

How horrid of me. It’s the 1000 Gifts devotional also by Ann.

The book not only feeds my spirit by helping me focus on the good things, teaches to look for the gratitude and gifts of each day, each second, each moment. But it feeds my soul with the knowledge that I am loved.

So from the bottom of my heart, I shout, THANK YOU!!!


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  1. I’m so glad you like it! I have a copy too and actually like it more than the original book and thought you might also like a copy.(((HUGS))) Have a good day 🙂

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