Restorer of Broken Things

I might be a little more than a little obsessed with coffee. I might be.

I also might own 6 different coffee pots. Actually two aren’t actually pots so I’ll say I own 6 different ways to prepare coffee. Five of those are in the kitchen. The other one?

It’s in the bedroom. Merely one step and an arms reach from the bed. This is the one I’m going to gab about today.


See? Coffeepot in bedroom.

This little gem was given to me a few weeks ago by a friend who was cleaning out his closet at work. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have taken it and would have threatened him with bodily harm if he continued with his madness.

But, back to coffee. I have used this little beauty nearly every day. It brews just 5 cups, but that is the perfect amount for me to drink while I’m laying in bed reading my Bible every morning. And because it’s programmable, the coffee is always ready when I wake up and need it.

A few times recently though it’s been a little quirky, and the coffee decided it would really rather not flow nicely into the pot but would instead desire to run all over the top of the dresser.

Can I just say at 5:30 in the morning it’s dark and my brain isn’t quite firing on all cylinders?  Henceforth, I didn’t realise this was happening until much later in the day.  Like that night as I was preparing the coffee for the next day. I cleaned it up then, but it was too late. The damage had been done.

20150204_174707This dresser is one of a set that has been in Mr. FullCup’s family for years and was passed on to us a few years ago. I love it, and have been so careful with it. So you can imagine my horror at finding it like this.

I remembered that my aunt had blogged about a game table she had that had an unsightly white mark. She also shared how she had restored it to its former glory.

You have to know I went back through her blog to find exactly what she had used. And when I had found it, I quickly ordered one for myself through

It arrived yesterday and I immediately set to work.


This was after working on it for just a little while.


And I kept working.


And working. It really is very simple and easy.


Well, would you look at that? It’s almost perfect again! This is how I left it last night. Life called and I had to stop, so it will be a work in progress for a few days. But I’m so pleased with how it is looking.

You know, my life is a lot like that spot. There are times I don’t do what I’m designed to do, what I know I’m supposed to do, and life gets messy, and often times I ruin things.

Treasured and cherished things.

But then God, who is, according to Eph. 2, rich in mercy, grabs His cleaning cloth and gently starts to wipe up the mess I’ve made. As He gently cleans, He also restores.

He restores me back to what I was supposed to be.

He restores the beauty that was there, just hidden beneath all the garbage I’d spewed out.  I have but to come to Him humbly, confess the mess I’ve made, and then submit to His cleansing.  It’s not easy. But He is gentle.


One thought on “Restorer of Broken Things

  1. What a horrible spot! I’m glad you’re making progress getting rid of it. The spots on my game table are still gone (hurray!) but when Eileen told me about that white mark pad she said it might take multiple times to get rid of it. The spot might seem to be gone, then come back and need to be scrubbed again (maybe even several times). Good luck! 🙂


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