This week has been one for the record books. No, really, I mean that. I’ve now had no fewer than 5 Mondays this week.


As in every day, this week has been a Monday.

Except maybe the actual Monday. I can’t seem to remember that far back.

Tuesday I ran 2+ miles and then treated myself to an Americano while I did my Bible study lesson at a local coffee shop. I had plenty of time standing in line to cement in my mind that I was ordering a large, decaf Americano. Plenty of time. Not that the shop was slow, but they were busy.

I busied myself looking at the cute mugs they have for sale. And laughing in near hysterics over one that read,

Some days the best thing about my job is the chair spins.

I laughed harder than necessary over that mug. Right now, I’m not sure why exactly, so please don’t ask me. It’s not true at all.

My chair doesn’t spin. And I love my job.

When it was my time to order, I held up my bright green mug and said,

I need…..a…..whatever size this is……uhm……an……

My friend, in an attempt to be helpful, said, “Regular coffee?”

“No, I need a decaf…….uhm…..Oh yeah…Americano! And I also want a large….oh what do you call it, ” and my eyes are quickly darting around trying to find the word I’m looking for, finally I spot it and my mind just won’t work to read it. “You know, those one things….ahh ahh….suspended coffee.”

Was that so hard? Really? I made the excuse that had I just finished running 2+ miles and my brain had not yet caught up with the rest of me. And if it ever does catch up, I’ll let you know.

Wednesday morning during Bible study I glanced down and noticed the screen on my phone was lit up and I showed a missed call.

From my home security company.

Just so you know that is never a good thing! I quickly left the room and called them. The front door alarm had sounded, they tried my phone then called Mr. FullCup. He told them it was a false alarm and not to notify the police. Only what he really meant was, “I have no idea. I need to check with my wife.”

So he called me. I had no idea either. He called the alarm company again and said, “Please send the police. I’m heading home now to check on things.”

Can I just say that is more than a little unnerving? To know that someone has unlawfully entered your house!

It was the FedEx man. He had opened the door I thought was locked, and popped our package right inside, which was nice to put it on the dry floor instead of the snow filled porch. But what a way to give me a heart attack.

Not too long after laughing over the FedEx man setting off the alarm, my phone rang again. This time though it was the high school. I was convinced they were calling to tell me my child was sick and I needed to come get her.

They weren’t.

They were calling to tell me there had just been an armed robbery at a pharmacy about one-half of a mile away from the school and they were on lock-out.  I won’t deny my first reaction was to call a friend and have him or his wife walk across the street to get my girl out of there.

Then it dawned on me what Lock-Out really meant.

Yeah, like you always think cognitively when you’ve gotten the second stressful phone call in an hour. I was able to text my girl and find out she was fine, hungry but fine. And it wasn’t too much longer before she was able to leave.

We were wondering if anything else could happen on Wednesday. Thankfully that was all.

I’ll not even mention what happened yesterday because I can’t remember. What I do remember is this morning I was going to be doing some printing and discovered my printer was no longer listed as a device on my computer. And the USB cable is missing.

This week has been full of contrasts. I’ve laughed until I ached. I’ve experienced some agony of the heart. But still, in all the mess of my world, God is ever faithful. He never changes. He just changes me.


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