Then and Now.


Twenty-one years ago. May 6, 1995.

I was 12. No really, I wasn’t. I was 12.5 and playing dress up.

Not really. But I look like it, don’t I?

Tonight we spent a great deal of time reminiscing over wedding things. I brought out our wedding box, the box filled with wedding memorabilia. One of the goodies was “A Premarital Guide For Couples”. Some of our answers really made us giggle with glee.


Chortle and guffaw really if you must know the truth.

It quickly became apparent to all of us that Mr. FullCup and I are not alike. We aren’t even all that close.

“What are your feelings about having a percentage of your take-home pay set aside as a ‘non-accountable allowance’ for each of you to spend as you like, no questions asked?”
Me: HEY! Here’s an concept I can get excited about. Great idea! Mr. Fullcup said I should have more than him because I’m more likely to spend it. However, I think it should be an equal amount.
Him: I have never before considered this, but it may be a good idea.
(*Note. We have never done this.)

“What do you believe is the function of a budget?”
Me: To plan for unforeseen expenditures without going to Debtor’s Prison.
Him: To plan for immediate and future expenditures. For the purpose of avoiding a financial catastrophe.

“What are your feelings about budgeting?”
Me: Personally, I don’t like them.
Him: I enjoy them.

“Are you planning to have children? Yes_____ No____”
Me: No.
Him: No.
“How many children would you like to have?”
Me: As many as God allows
Him: At this point we aren’t planning to have any.

I’m sure I was smoking something back then. And  I didn’t smoke.



I can’t believe I can still wear it.

Twenty-one years.
252 Months
1,092 weeks
7,665 days

8 Addresses
2 Cats.
2 Children.

Countless hours of silliness and giggles.

I would do it all, all over again.




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  1. Hey! I remember that dress — and that couple! And I remember playing cards (was it UNO?) in a S.S. classroom while the excited bride waited for the ceremony to begin. Congratulations to both of you on 21 years! 🙂


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