Psalm 143

This morning Jesus lead me to read Psalm 143 and He spoke so powerfully to my soul. There are so many, many times I keep praying about something and believe God isn’t acting on my behalf because I can’t see Him. I can’t see or feel any thing changing.

In short, it’s still hard. It’s still not what I want and life isn’t going my way.

Oh, that’s not my conscious thought. But it is often my attitude. Too often I treat God as a genie in a bottle, here to do my bidding. “I’ve spoken and God, You’d better hop to!” Maybe it’s just me.

(An aside here: there are times we are definitely called to pray for something for a long time. That is NOT what I’m talking about here.)

When I feel God isn’t working on my behalf because I can’t see Him or evidence of Him, I feel crushed by the enemy and dead. But I am to remind myself of His faithfulness–even recounting it out-loud to myself.

Remember! When you feel forgotten.

Remember! When you feel unheard.

Remember! When you feel unseen.

Remember! His faithfulness. Recount it. Out loud.

That same God is still God and He still acts. He still works. He still delivers. Cling to Him–get out of the tomb the enemy tries to put you in.

The Living One lives in you and lives for you.  Your enemy is defeated, he is the one who is dead and lives in the grave. Don’t allow him to pull you down to where he is. You are alive to dwell in heavenly places and that is where you are! Don’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise.

Jesus left the tomb forever so you would never have to enter it.