This Likely Won’t Make Much Sense

I’ve joined a writer’s guild and I have begun to take full advantage of it. I have some assignments to do and well this is one. It won’t make a whole lot of sense to you, but you might gain some insights into the wacky world that is me.

Time management. I get the concept and sometimes I actually even act as if I know what it is. I work best “under the gun”. I have gotten my hand slapped enough times throughout the years for beginning before I was told that I tend to shy away from anything that does not have clear guidelines, expectations, and an end date. I can put something off for a long time; sometimes so long I forget what I said I would do. Other times I just jump in with both feet and stay with it until the project is done. In short, I am a walking oxymoron.

I dearly love people. They are my favorite thing. Like most of us, I do get frustrated with them and sometimes wish they would drop off the face of the earth, but for the most part, I love them.  I love to people-watch; I love to chat with people in line at Starbucks, the grocery store. There are times I just cannot talk to one more person. I fear rejection.

Am I fair and honest? Honest, oh yes, almost to a fault sometimes. I despise lying; it is the antithesis of Jesus and does not reflect His life or the change He has made. I do exaggerate though, so I am not completely honest. Now regarding being fair. Since we are focusing on writing specifically here, I will say no; but only because my only writing is, my own blog and I see no reason to point out or bring out the other side of any issue I am discussing at the moment.  I have not written any article or editorial in which I would need to present both sides in a fair and honest way.

The next trait listed is a sense of humor and I have one of those. In spades.  In abundant spades. My sense of humor can be very dry, very witty, and very annoying. I really can be serious, but I generally do not bother because it is simply no fun at all.

Do I have a nose for news? Not in the least. I am a blogger, not a journalist out looking for the news story that will win me a prize. My mind does not think like a reporter; instead, it thinks more like an editor or columnist. No facts to be reported, just my own thoughts on the page. Honest!

I am so much a self-starter. If I had not started anything, myself I would still be waiting for my Mother to tie my shoes. I jump in and get things done when it looks like no one else will. This has caused some trouble for me over the years, as I have stepped on many toes. It is important to note that while I am a self-starter, I am also a finisher. I am always thrilled with the start of a new project, and just as tickled when it is completed.

Am I a confident oral communicator? That is the loaded question of the century. I love to talk (but please see above under the people person) and I am not shy at all in a crowd. I do not mind getting up in front of people to talk, one-on-one conversations are a struggle. I can network.

Am I a versatile writer? Not in the least! I just vomit out my thoughts and hope they make a modicum of sense and that someone else is able to use them. I should (maybe) work on this.

This will shock nearly everyone who knows me. I am a thinker. I think best, though, when my mouth is open and moving. I think aloud nearly all the time and often say things I had not thought of yet. I think this is why I write so much. It is my way of getting my thoughts out where I can see them and not have to look at someone to gauge their reaction. I can examine them and edit as needed before anyone else sees or hears them.

Hyper-Creative has never been used to describe me, at least not to my knowledge. Maybe you should ask someone who knows me.

Do I have a track record? In the blogging world? You bet. Maybe. I have been popular and now not so much.