How To Get Your Needs Met

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Almost twenty years ago Mr. FullCup and I knew we needed to move from where we were living but we had no idea where we should move to. So we did what we typically do when we don’t think we have all the answers, nothing. We did nothing about it. We had talked about it, decided on it, and did not speak of it again.

One day in early November, he placed a fun phone call to some friends of our to tell our happy news that a new baby was on her way. In the course of that conversation it was mentioned that a fellow employee of our friend was moving on and he would need to find someone to fill that position. I jokingly told Mr. FullCup “Tell him we’re interested!” We all had a great laugh over that.

Until the next day when we got home from church and listened to the message on our answering machine from this friend. “Hey. I know we were just joking yesterday but now I’m serious. I’d love to have to come and work for us.”

Gulp. We called and got the particulars, and just about choked over the salary offered. It was considerably less than what we were making and it made no sense at all to take the position.  On paper it made no sense. To us it made no sense, we only knew Jesus was directing.

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Right now I am being led to do something again that seems impossible. The list of items that I think have to happen before I start this new venture stack up like dominoes. I must have this happen. I need to see this happen. This MUST happen or I just can’t/won’t do it.

And the sweet voice of Jesus says, “Trust Me.

What is the difference between my saying, “this all needs to happen before I [fill in the blank] and what Nehemiah told the king in Nehemiah 2:7-8?

You might remember the story of Nehemiah. He hears about the condition of Jerusalem and is discouraged, his face reflects his heart. He was bold enough to go before the king looking sad and the king was astute enough to notice and caring enough to ask about the sadness.

He prayed. He spoke. He believed.

The king not only gave Nehemiah permission to return to Jerusalem, he funded the whole expedition and bought the lumber that was needed to repair the walls. He demanded Nehemiah be given safe passage to Jerusalem.

So what about us? What can we learn from this?

  • Go to the King honestly.

We don’t have to hide our heart, our feelings from Jesus. We don’t have to be perfect to come to Him. We can take our heart, pain and all, to Him. He doesn’t require us to be happy in His presence.

  • Be Honest with the King

Nehemiah did not lie to the king. He did not tell him, “Oh it’s nothing. It’s okay.” He told him the truth. And so should we.

  • Tell the King what you need.

You might be thinking, “But He already knows.” Yes, He sure does. But you still need to tell Him.

  • Act On It.

Nehemiah didn’t sit around wondering if the king meant what he said. He took the king at his word and he acted accordingly. He knew the king was trustworthy to do what he promised.

  • Expect opposition.

Let’s face it, there are those who will oppose you when you walk in the fulfillment of your needs. Just because the King meets your needs does not mean the enemy will be happy for you.  In my experience the opposite happens.

Who do you think you are? You’re walking around here like you own the joint! You’re not all that. He didn’t expect you to really do this. You’re wrong. 

Expect this. And cling to Jesus.