Into the Fog

These are interesting days we are living in. It seems life as we know it has disappeared into a foggy mess. A few weeks ago we were living life as normal and then normal stopped being normal. Fear crept into to our hearts and minds like a roaring lion. For many there is a great struggle to live while not giving into the fear that has seemed to invade our nation, our world, and our minds. This is true even for those who love Jesus.

The funny thing about fog is that is seems to disappear as we go deeper into it. All we can see clearly is the spot where we are and the rest is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It can be scary as we travel the road from where we are to where He is leading.

Even though we can see the sun, its rays do not touch or warm us. It is not yet strong enough to roll away the fog and clouds. We search for it, desperately desiring its warmth and cheeriness. Gloom descends and we strive to see what we know instinctively is there but is lost to us now.

It is hard to trust in these times. We long for the days of sunshine and blue skies. But all we get is clouds and an uneasy feeling of desperation and alone-ness. We feel isolated. The need we feel for others increases and the last thing we want is to be alone again. In our foggy situations when we are struggling to know who we are, who Jesus is, and where He is leading us, we so often look to others. There are fellow travelers walking the same roads we are on. Sometimes we’ll seek out one who has been in our spot in the fog and made it through. We pepper them with questions and seek to know how they survived.

Here’s the thing, others have been where we are. And others will walk that road after we have made it through our fog, but we cannot look to them to be our savior. We must press into Jesus in our foggy places and in our sunshiney places. It is not that we cannot seek out others who have been here in the fog. That is not at all what I am saying. Others can bring encouragement to us, clarity to our dark places. They can tell us how Jesus brought them through their difficult place and assure us that He is near to us. They cannot be our savior. We cannot make them our Jesus. We cannot take their answers and automatically apply them to our own lives.

We must seek Him for ourselves. We need to cling so tightly to His hand and press into Him. His Word is a Lamp to our feet and a light to our path. (Psalm 119:105) He alone knows the path we are on and where He is leading us.

So, friend, trusts Him in your foggy places. Seek encouragement from others as you lean into Him. Seek His wisdom first. When your path seems obscured, trust Him.